How Dr. Pioch Achieved 400% Practice Growth in 6 Years

We couldn't stop the growth...

Dr. Raleigh Pioch
Salem, Oregon

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Inside the Case Study

A Quick Look at What You'll Discover

  1. How Dr. Pioch dominated his market area in a city with 4.5 times the amount of competition as the national average. (In a city of 157,000 people, he had over 400 other dentists to compete with.)
  2. Get a closer look at the patient attraction system Dr. Pioch created to fuel his dramatic practice growth.
  3. Why Dr. Pioch was forced to give up being "just" a dentist to achieve "double your practice" levels of growth.
  4. How Dr. Pioch uncovered the truth about what his patients really wanted and what that single realization meant to the growth of his practice.